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Blue Photon’s workholding technology can reduce the number of operations, reduce scrap, and reduce labor, saving time and money.

Blue Photon workholding is compatible with most workholding platforms including: Jergen’s Workholding, MPower Workholding, Toolex, PAWs, 5th Axis, Raptor, System 3R and Erowa along with many more.

Apply these simple steps to use Blue Photon workholding system effectively:

Clean dirt and oil from the grippers and workpiece.
Apply adhesive to the grippers to fill the gap between the part and gripper.
Position the part onto locators.
Polymerize the adhesive by applying ultraviolet light for 60 to 120 seconds.
Machine the workpiece.
Debond with a 1/4 turn twist or hot water soak.
Load spindle mounted cleaning tool (P/N 82400) in CNC machine to remove cured adhesive from grippers.
Clean the part, grippers and fixture with the hot water spray washer.
Remove and peel away residual adhesive with steam or hot water spray.

WARNING Do not use the Blue Photon workholding system to hold overhead loads. The Blue Photon workholding system is not designed to support people. Never stand under a lifted fixture and/or part. If insufficient holding strength to resist cutting forces; or if improperly used, a workpiece may be ejected from the fixture at a high rate of speed. Always follow employer work instructions and Blue Photon user guide recommendations to minimize any risk. Always use proper guarding to protect people from injury due to a workpiece coming dislodged from the fixture.